as occurred, as recalled | whyteberg x project flux

"as occurred, as recalled" at 1.5 hour length with audience members traveling between 7 locations. WHYTEBERG x Project Flux summer residency in Boise, Idaho.

I hear everybody you know is more relevant than everybody i know

systems 1-3

Systems 1-3 set on the students at Orange County School of the Arts.

as occurred, as recalled 

Performed in Chinatown by Laura Berg, Matt Luck, Jobel Medina & Gracie Whyte


WHYTEBERG show at Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros Pop Up Gallery. 

Dancers: Laura Berg, Cody Brunelle-Potter, Wesley Ensminger, Tariq Mitri, Samantha Mohr, Shane Raiford, Gracie Whyte
Choreography: WHYTEBERG & dancers
Camera: Ian Coad
Thanks to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros!



Gemini explores the unique and often opposing individual choreographic and physical movement qualities of two dancers.  In three parts, Gemini consists of two solos and a duet, enhanced by original animation by Jacob Streilein projected behind the dancers (not included in this show).  As the animation slowly begins to build two distinct shapes behind the solos, the final duet section culminates in a manipulation and ultimate destruction of these two shapes.  The shapes and their creation during the animated projection mimic the diverse range of movement quality within each of the three sections.  Ultimately, the piece infuses the audience with a fast-paced and thoroughly entertaining change of scenery, allowing the audience to explore and enjoy a vast array of moods, tones, and qualities.